I love to take part in contests/hackathons. Here is a list of the awards I got at those events.

Desarrollando América Latina

Gobierno transparente, 1st prize

Gobierno transparente

Hackathon based on open data. We scraped the uruguayan parliamentaries’ information to expose those who were missing the most sessions.

Gobierno transparente (Transparent government)

Mozilla Dev Derby

Santa's Media Queries, 2nd prize

Santa's Media Queries

Using CSS Media Queries this demo detects the size of your browser window and removes members of the Simpsons family from the couch. Uses no JavaScript.

Santa’s Media Queries

Vandalism, 3rd prize


Vandalism is an application that lets you scribble on web pages. You can draw figures like rectangles and circles, draw freehand and write text. This is useful for web development teams, to make annotations on web sites.


Beyer Music Player, 3rd prize

Beyer Music Player

Beyer is a music player that shows the potential of the drag and drop technology. Drop your music files right into the browser and listen to them. No server needed. This demo uses also HTML5’s audio element and canvas to draw the spectrum analyzer.

Beyer Music Player