About me

Hi! I’m Alvaro. I live currently in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin baby!

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, where I lived until the age of 27. It’s a beautiful city, if you are in Buenos Aires or around, I recommend you give it a visit.

Montevideo, tu casa

My main interest is Web Development, that’s what I work with and what I do in my free time. All the software I write in my spare time is Free as in Freedom. Check it out in my github account.


The main languages I work with are Python and JavaScript. I’m always open to learn about new technologies, but don’t even ask me to write PHP if you want me to take you seriously.

I still have pending some things I would like to learn, like C++ and some pure functional language, like Haskell. If you have some idea or job offer that would require me to learn any of these, go ahead and contact me.

Let's talk business

Do you have an interesting offer for me? I’m always open to talk. Just drop me an e-mail to alvaro@mourino.net and let’s talk.